President's Column October-December 2013



An anecdote is told that Ernest Hemingway was challenged to write a short story in six words.  He won the bet by writing, “For sale:  baby shoes.  Never worn.” 


FEA -Delegate Assembly-Oct. 2013 Report

Florida Education Association Delegate Assembly

October 11-12, 2013

The theme of the DA was TAKE BACK OUR SCHOOLS, OUR FLORIDA, OUR FUTURE and we heard this reverberated throughout  the DA.


FEA -Retired Wants YOU!


 FEA-Retired Wants YOU!

FEA –Retired members support all educators on important retirement and health issues.  Members sponsor informational forums, and get out the vote activities. FEA-Retired members actively lobby the Florida Legislature on important issues to you  now and in the future.

FEA-Retired provides grants to classroom teachers to enhance their programs across the State. With active local chapters throughout Florida, FEA – Retired welcomes all retirees to their rapidly growing organization. 

If you are retiring next year, you can join us as a Pre-Retired life member at any time before retirement and never have to worry about joining after you retire.

Together, we can accomplish more!


Welcome to the FEA-Retired HOME PAGE!

Welcome to the FEA-Retired Home Page!

We are finally up and running our own website thanks to the help of Tina Dunbar of FEA and the AFT Communications Department!  We will try to keep you up to date with important dates, notices, convention news and current news.. so make sure you tag this website under your favorites!

   Charles Moskowitz, Webmaster